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Your Friday Holtzism

Coach Holtz has already made a name for himself in Tampa for being very accessible to the media. He knows that you that you have to be media friendly to get some exposure in a football-mad state like Florida, something that Coach Leavitt never really embraced. USF fans can remember some of the battles Leavitt had with the press, and I'm sure some of that led to his downfall.

Skip will throw out a saying every once in a while that just boggles your mind, and we decided to call them Holtzisms.

This week's Holtzism comes from Skip's introductory press conference about the process of becoming USF's second head coach.

"There's an expression that says if you ever saw a turtle on top of a fence post you know it didn't get there alone."

Hopefully Skip will throw out a couple of Holtzisms during Spring Practice to get us through the offseason, but I think we are going to be OK in that regard.