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TMIPFUSFB - Number 14

Today, we unveil Number 14 in our End of the Year version of The Most Important Player for USF Basketball. To get a background on this, and to see our entry on our Number 15 entry BJ Daniels, click here.

Now onto the countdown, checking in at Number 14 is one of the more regrettable decisions I made on this list, Jordan Dumars!


I had Dumars at number 6 in our preseason poll (you can start laughing) based on the team's need in finding a reliable three-point shooter, and Dumars having the best resume of our three freshman to fill that role. Let's just say that I was horribly wrong.

Jordan played in only 6 games this season, averaging 4.5 minutes and a point per game before transferring to Michigan as a preferred walk-on. Dumars said that move to Ann Arbor was based on being homesick, but I'm sure the lack of playing time was certainly a factor in him leaving Tampa.

The one thing I'm disappointed in about the Jordan Dumars era is that we didn't see the Dumars/Jordan lead-ins on SportsCenter when the Bulls and UCF would face off for the next three years. Oh what could have been.

So, readers of V5, the question of the day is Who will be Number 13 on the Countdown? Your three choices are below.