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Spring Game Goes Swimmingly Until A.J. Love Wrecks His Knee

There are a lot of good things to say about tonight's spring game, from B.J. Daniels to Dontavia Bogan to some of the welcome strategic changes we saw out there. And we'll get to them eventually - I mean, we have four and a half months to kill here. But for now let's just hope that the knee injury A.J. Love suffered towards the end of the game isn't serious enough that he misses time this fall. With how quickly everyone got out there to look at him, though, I can't say I'm too confident about that.

(You can also wonder why Love was still out there at the end of the game if you want. It's a fair point.)

UPDATED: Everyone is reporting it now - Love has a torn ACL and will not play this season. He blew out his left knee at the St. Petersburg Bowl in 2008, and this time it's the right knee. Bad, but considering how much the WRs were shuffled in and out of the lineup last year, and since it's a new offense anyway, it may not be as disastrous as we think. Here's hoping for a full recovery for Love.