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TMIPFUSFB - Number 12

There was a preseason list I made to figure out who The Most Important Person for USF Basketball was going to be this year. Now that the season is over, I'm redoing the list and seeing how bad of a job I did. The countdown so far with their preseason rankings in parantheses:

15. B.J. Daniels (14)

14. Jordan Dumars (6)

13. Ron Anderson Jr. (13)

Today's entry shouldn't be a big surprise, so let's get on with it. Number 12 on TMIPFUSFB is Justin Leemow!


Leemow was also in at Number 12 during the Preseason list as well, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. Justin played in 12 games this year for the Bulls, starting in two. In 19.5 minutes a contest, Leemow averaged 2.4 points, 1.3 rebounds, an assist, and a steal a game.

Leemow was a great on-ball defender as a freshman last year, but people griped about his lackluster shot from three. It looked like he turned the corner in the Virginia game, when he went 3-3 from deep, and everyone thought Justin made the leap. Unfortunately, Leemow scored only 20 other points in the 11 contests he was in.

Leemow missed the UCF game earlier this year when his grandfather was in poor health which is understandable, but people started wondering if Justin was going to leave after he missed three practices for the baptism of his niece and nephew. After limited minutes the loss to Louisville, Leemow left the team due to family reasons.

No one really knew where Leemow went from there, but after a quick search, it looks like Leemow will be attending North Carolina Central University. There aren't any news articles on this, but his Facebook Fan Page proclaims him going to NCCU, so that's that. On a side note, his fan page has more people than ours! Join the V5 Fan Page on Facebook! If DoJo has more fans than us its one thing, but Justin Leemow!?! This can not happen

So now that we've gotten through everyone who either left the program or never played this year, who will be Number 11 in the Countdown? Your choices are below.