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Practice Roundup: Dog Days Edition

Not only is it the dog days for the players - today was another two-a-day, and everyone is caught between the novelty of being at Vero Beach and the anticipation of heading back to Tampa - but it might be the dog days for our intrepid reporters as well.

-- Scott Carter was back on the east coast today and had this report from camp. USF really worked on their offensive execution in Monday's practices, focusing on the passing game in the morning and adding in the running game in the evening. 

-- In Skip Holtz's daily interview after the evening practice, he went into more detail about what happened. The coaches are trying to make it easier to teach the offense to B.J. Daniels - not necessarily taking things out of the playbook, but finding more efficient ways to get their points across. For all of Daniels' ability and potential, he is still just a sophomore, and for the offensive coaches, it's a world away from East Carolina, where Patrick Pinkney was on the team for all five of Holtz's years in Greenville. By the time Pinkney was a senior, with a sixth year of eligibility, they were able to put in the entire offense and get him to execute it well.

(Side note - ESPNU reaired last year's Liberty Bowl so I finally got to see a taste of what a Todd Fitch offense looks like beyond a few plays on YouTube. Of course I recorded it, so I'll try and put together a few thoughts on that, even though you can't draw any broad conclusions from one game.)

-- Martin Fennelly wrote a column for the Tribune about Holtz's camp, including some more details about the USF Summer Olympics they held at Dodgertown. I am highly concerned if Skip Holtz really did whip everyone at free-throw shooting. Didn't like half the skill-position players also play basketball in high school?

-- USF's Training Camp Central has some photos from the egg toss and the home run derby during last night's Olympics, and if you were wondering what all those pops and whistling sounds were right in the middle of Holtz's interview, those were the fireworks from the closing ceremony. Scott caught some of it on video.

Only 19 days left until Stony Brook, and 26 until Gainesville. We suggest putting your tailgate shopping lists together, and maybe practicing your routes to the stadium for maximum efficiency. It's hot out there and you don't want to spend any more time on the grill than necessary. Plus it cuts into your beer-drinking time.