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Practice Roundup: Long Tuesday Edition

Just got back from today's practice in Vero Beach. First off I wanted to thank the athletic department for opening up these practices to the public. Walking down the path to the field and passing guys like Steven Jacques and Todd Chandler in their pads make you realize how BIG these guys are. Seeing the old batting cages turn into weight rooms was pretty interesting to see, too.

There were about 15-20 people today watching, and the bleachers the Vero Beach Sports Village provided had us about 20 feet away from everything. Hearing the team converse with each other during stretching and watching the coaches "encourage" and teach the new freshmen was pretty awesome.

A couple of things I saw:

-T.J. Knowles is tall. He dwarfed the other wide outs, and moves great for his size. They sucussfully ran the Grenade Chuck fade to him a couple of times during practice, and there was nothing the corners could do to stop it.

- Lindsey Lamar should have a breakout year. He looked great out there in the slot position. Very quick in the open field.

- It was unfortunate not to see guys like Sam Barrington*, Sampson Genus, and Cory Grisson at practice today. Replacing them in the first team was Mike Lanaris at MLB and the McCaskill twins, with Kevin at center and Keith at DT.

- Demetris Murray looked like he was taking a bunch of snaps, and he took advantage of the situation. Very hard runner who does not hesitiate when going to the line of scrimmage, which is a nice change compared to some of the backs we've had since Andre Hall left.

- Greg Auman is reporting that Joel Miller moved to WR today, partly due to depth and also due to a lot of drops over the weekend. I was wondering why Miller was out there, but he looked pretty good in the limited time he had in group drills.

- Coach Holtz has his daily recap up at GoUSFBulls, and you can watch the video here.

- Also, the Bulls Olympics finished up yesterday, and we would like to congratulate Iraq, who took home the gold. Jamaica won the silver and Djibouti left with the bronze. Haiti unfortunately finished in last place.

* - Well, now I guess we know where Sam Barrington was. - ed.