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Practice Roundup: Run With the Ball Where the Defender Isn't Edition

Today's title courtesy of our most recent Holtzism.

Is it just me or are we approaching an all-time record for the most August practices in a row that have not been interrupted by the weather? We're 4-for-4, and even the rainstorm that hit during today's workout didn't include any lightning that would drive everyone inside. Every minute they can spend out there is helpful.

-- And they might need every minute between now and September 4 to figure out who's going to play wide receiver alongside Dontavia Bogan. Greg Auman's recap of practice had this heartwarming admission from Skip Holtz:

Asked if any other receivers had stepped in the first four practices to fill the void at a key position, Holtz was blunt.

"No," he said. "At this point, I haven't seen anything to give me a lot of hope there."


-- If you haven't heard, Colby Erskin has once again torn his ACL. It's the third time he's torn his left ACL (he was even wearing a brace on the knee when it happened), and his fourth one overall. Some people just aren't lucky enough to have a body that lets them do what they really want to do, no matter how hard they try. And God knows he's tried as hard as he can to get back on the field, but unfortunately it looks like Erskin's knees fall into that category. Take care of yourself, Colby.

-- Although there won't be a depth chart until Saturday and Holtz has said that we shouldn't read too much into where people are organized for drills, Greg took a crack at decoding who might have the edge at positions all over the field. 

-- Between the Erskin injury and some other things, Holtz's press gathering was kind of somber on Sunday. He sounds very concerned about the team's depth but resigned to the fact that this is the team he's going to have to work with. Maybe it wasn't quite as good a practice as some of the others, or maybe something else was up, but that's not the Holtz we're used to hearing.

-- The team is over in Vero Beach now. Phil Neary reports that cell phones and laptops are OK, but video games are not. Or in other words, I would be kicked off the team within 48 hours.

--'s Training Camp Central has a photo gallery, a short video of the team chowing down at a barbecue on Sunday night, and a complete practice schedule for those of you who want to see the Bulls practice in person. (I'm sure Greg and Scott are interested to see an entire practice for the first time in forever.)