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USF Screws Up Less Than Western Kentucky, Wins 24-12

Just a phenomenally ugly game all the way around, with tons of mistakes on both sides and on both teams. I'm amazed that USF had two weeks to get ready for this game and that was all they could come up with. A mostly listless, uninspired performance, an offensive game plan that was scared to put the ball in the air, and letting WKU run all over the field all night long, barking and carrying on like they were running the place. They're fortunate the Hilltoppers couldn't take full advantage of their non-effort.

Use this as your postgame venting thread. Give me some time to calm down and find the things that were good about this game, and I'll post something more thoughtful later on. I don't want to rage-post too much, but this win was not impressive at all. This effort won't fly in two weeks, and probably not next week either.

On the plus side, FIRE THEM CANNONS. That was fun.