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USF-Cincinnati Postgame Thoughts

I was going to write a ton of negative stuff on how we played tonight.

I can focus on how we committed 18 turnovers, and how each player who played more than three minutes had at least one. I can gripe about Anthony Crater dribbling the ball off his foot twice. How we are pretty much doomed from the start if Augustus Gilchrist has a bad shooting night. How Jawanza Poland commits way too many cheap fouls. How Shaun Noriega's defense is still horrendous. How we make anyone with a shot look like an All-American. 

But nope. I'm going to focus on the one positive I came up with tonight.

USF is better than Duke.

There, I said it.

If you guys are as big a fan of the transitive property as I am, you'll remember that USF beat Auburn, who somehow beat Florida State, who upset top-ranked and previously undefeated Duke tonight. Just like that, it's USF > Duke. I'm sure USF could even spot Duke 8 points, and the Bulls would still come out on top.

Also, congrats to Southern Miss, UCF, BYU, FAU, James Madison, Kent State, Cleveland State, Seton Hall, UConn, Villanova, Louisville, and Cincinnati, who are all better than Duke too.

Jawanza's dunk tonight did make SportsCenter's Top 10 plays, so I guess that's two positives from tonight.