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USF's Odds Of Winning The National Championship, In Basketball

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Normally when the odds are released for who might win the men's basketball national championship, USF is thrown into the "Field" category with schools like UT-San Antonio and NJIT. So it came to my surprise to discover that, after wading through the elite teams like North Carolina and Pittsburgh and even the decent teams like Gonzaga and Marquette, Bodog gave USF 200-1 odds to win the whole thing.

Now I don't want you to risk your hard earned American dollars on this. This bet will surely fail and I don't want you to lose money because of me. But if you have five bucks to blow and you want to do it for the lulz, I won't stop you. Heck, if you take a picture of your bet and send it in, I'll even post it as a FanShot. You will forever be known as that random guy who bet actual money on USF to win it all.

If you were wondering about the Big East championship odds, the Bulls are still a long shot, but it's a little bit more manageable at 50-1. Only DePaul had worse odds at 66-1.

And if you are wondering, yes this is the first thing I thought when I saw USF on there.