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USF And Under Armour Unveil Wounded Warrior Jerseys

Today Under Armour unveiled USF's Wounded Warrior uniform set that the Bulls will wear against Miami. The Wounded Warrior uniforms have become a yearly tradition for Under Armour, and this is the first time USF has been selected to wear these special uniforms.


If you guys remember, there was a replica jersey that had the shoulder yoke design inside the numbers as well. But when South Carolina wouldn't wear their jerseys because it blended in with the rest of the uniforms, I'm sure UA wen't back to the drawing board and switched to a plain white number.

Rest of the set after the jump.


The back panel of the pants have the same design as the jersey, and there is a phrase on the pants where the logo is that I can't really make out. You'll also notice the last names have been switched out for words like Courage and Honor.


AMERICA! Honestly I'm a fan of the gloves. I would have been fine with the pattern on the yoke and pants for the gloves, but this works. They haven't released USF's custom shoes yet, but expect them to look something like this but with green trim instead of red.

So what do you guys think?