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USF-Auburn Recap, Or That Really Did Happen

That was bad. I mean really, really, bad. We've seen our fair share of horrible USF performances over the years, but yesterday's 52-40 loss to Auburn is going to end up right up there.

I don't really think we need to rehash the stats, but just because I'm a masochist, let's go through them.

  • 33% Field Goal Percentage
  • 22% 3-Point Percentage
  • 50% Free Throw Percentage
  • 14 Turnovers
  • -11 Rebounding Margin
  • 40 Points
  • 40 POINTS
  • 40 POINTS! 40 POINTS! 40 POINTS!

It needs to be said that Auburn was just as bad on offense as we were, they just took advantage of our post defense. Ron Anderson Jr. looked a step slow and didn't look 100% while recovering from strep throat. Toarlyn Fitzpatrick got into foul trouble and wasn't able to be as aggressive as needed. Augustus Gilchrist was a sieve on defense, allowing Frankie Sullivan, Varez Ward, and Chris Denson an open lane to the basket.

Our offensive gameplan was either have Gilchrist keep the ball for 30 seconds before he passed it to someone and throwing up a contested 20 footer or passing it around the perimeter for 30 seconds before launching a contested 20 footer or an ill-advised three pointer from the corner.

After today's game, its safe to say that the Quest For 16 is dead. While Jawanza Poland's return will be welcomed, he won't be enough to turn the team around. With my delusions of grandeur officially gone, I'm more interested with how the younger players go through their first bout of Big East play. There are some quality pieces, just not enough to compete consistently right now.