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USF Football's All Name Team: Offense

The 2011 football season will be USF's 15th season in program history, and I'm sure you'll see a ton on All-USF lists from various publications in the coming months. We did a "15 For 15" series last summer to highlight our choices for the top 15 players in school history, and we felt that doing an All-USF team so soon after that would just be a repost. (Although there may be a 40th anniversary all-USF basketball team in a few months.)

So why not have some fun with other All-_____ Teams? First, how about an All-Name Team. We have the offense for you today, and the defense will be up later this week.


QB: Jamius Gunsby, 2010

This one was a lock from the beginning. Although Marquel Blackwell and Matt Grothe are two great names, Gunsby just sounded cool as a QB. We were saddened to hear about Jamius' decision to leave in January, just for the fact that we had "WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW" T-shirts already designed in our heads.

RB: Shawn Cannon, 2007-08; Brendon Malice, 2001

While Mike Ford or Dontae Aycock would have been great choices for this spot, you have to give it to these walk-ons. Both were used primarily on special teams but Cannon did have eight carries for 26 yards in his USF career.

WR: Taurus Johnson, 2005-08; Bermanley Augustin, 2009-10; Naser Qureshi, 2000

This was a loaded position. Dontavia Bogan, Stephen Bravo-Brown, and Allynson Sheffield are a great second team at WR. Taurus was Matt Grothe's favorite target, and his sliding touchdown catch against Kansas is still one of my favorite moments in USF history. Augustin and Qureshi were rarely used walk-ons, but stats don't matter on this list.

TE: Trevor Hypolite, 1997-98

Despite the lack of tight ends in USF history, there sure are some great names in the bunch. Hypolite barely gets the nod here over Trent Pupello, Isaac Virgin, Brian Erb, and Andreas Shields.

OL: Sampson Genus, 2007-2010; Quinterrius Eatmon, 2010-Current; Thor Joswiak, 2011-Current; Brynjar Gudmundsson, 2011-Current; Matt Sparrowhawk, 2000-01

This is a fantastic group of names. Although Thor and Brynjar haven't even participated in a practice yet, there was no way I was going to leave either of them off this list. Sparrowhawk was a starter for those transition years when USF was moving up to FBS. Sampson started for the Bulls the last two seasons, and might have the best name relative to his position in USF history. Eatmon is bringing USF into the Age of Quinterrius, and there is nothing we can do to stop him.

K: Maikon Bonani, 2008-Current

With respect to Bill and Santiago Gramatica (and also Delbert Alvarado), Maikon easily wins this battle of the kickers. Maikon almost sounds like "make one," which never hurts in a kicker's name.


Anyone that we missed in this battle of etymology? Let us know in the comments.