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Statement From Doug Woolard and Judy Genshaft On Big East Apocalypse

Entire statement thanks to Adam Adkins of the Tribune:

Obviously, we are aware of the information reported by the media regarding some members of the Big East Conference, as well as other national news related to conference alignment. This is certianly a time of tremendous change in intercollegiate athletics and, clearly, that change may continue.

"We have been monitoring the landscape and have been actively engaged in dialog at the conference and national levels over the last 18 months. That will continue in earnest as we move forward."

Unlike Cincinnati and Louisville's statements, nothing indicating a desire to stay in the Big East or keep it together. Go ahead and read into that whatever you will, I just thought it was interesting that any kind of phrase like that didn't seem to make it into this statement.

Oh, and you know how John Marinatto found out about Syracuse and Pittsburgh talking to the ACC? From Brett McMurphy. Way to have the pulse of your league, you moron. Enjoy running a basketball-only league in 12 months.