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College Football Rankings: USF Moves Up To #14 In Coaches Poll, #16 In AP Poll

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After USF's 52-24 win over UTEP last night, the Bulls have moved up in both of this week's Top 25 polls. In the AP Poll, USF moved up two spots to land at #16, while the Bulls moved up three spots in the coaches' poll to #14.

USF jumped over Arkansas, West Virginia, and Florida State in both polls, but the writers were thoroughly impressed with Clemson's last two victories over Auburn and Florida State. The Tigers leapfrogged over USF and landed at #13.

USF will have a chance to move up a couple of spots in the rankings, because there are several battles between ranked teams next week. This week's matchups include Nebraska-Wisconsin, Alabama-Florida, Texas A&M-Arkansas, and Virginia Tech-Clemson, and if the cards fall the right way, you might see the Bulls crack the top 10 next week.

Both polls in their entirety after the jump.

AP Poll:

  1. LSU
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Alabama
  4. Boise State
  5. Oklahoma State
  6. Stanford
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. Oregon
  10. South Carolina
  11. Virginia Tech
  12. Florida
  13. Clemson
  14. Texas A&M
  15. Baylor
  16. South Florida
  17. Texas
  18. Arkansas
  19. Michigan
  20. TCU
  21. Georgia Tech
  22. West Virginia
  23. Florida State
  24. Illinois
  25. Arizona State

Coaches' Poll:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. LSU
  3. Alabama
  4. Stanford
  5. Boise State
  6. Oklahoma State
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nebraska
  9. South Carolina
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Oregon
  12. Florida
  13. Texas A&M
  14. South Florida
  15. Clemson
  16. Baylor
  17. Texas
  18. Arkansas
  19. Michigan
  20. TCU
  21. Georgia Tech
  22. Illinois
  23. West Virginia
  24. Florida State
  25. Michigan State