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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: February 14


Every year that my wife and I have been together, we've watched the classic "I Love Lisa" episode of The Simpsons on Valentine's Day. This is about the only tradition that has survived from the very beginning of our relationship, and since the episode somehow gets funnier every year, I don't think we'll end this one any time soon.

So with today being February 14, and with us owing you some links, let's use a few of the many fantastic quotes from this episode to get you caught up on the latest USF athletics news:


1. "I Choo-Choo-Choose You." The first two verbal commits of the Bulls' 2013 recruiting class are a pair of wide receivers from Immokalee High School -- Tshumbi Johnson and Xavier Richardson. Greg Auman has a couple of stories about them, one from Sunday and another from Monday, including some other Immokalee players who are looking at USF. (The most memorable player from Immokalee to play for USF was Louis Gachette.)

2. "So... you like... stuff?" USF held its Junior Day this past weekend on campus, and many of the area's top 2013 recruits were in attendance. Even if the Bulls can just pick up a few of them, it would help them continue to establish themselves locally -- and most importantly, keep the out-of-state vultures from picking off players that could easily stay home.

3. "HEY FROSTY! YOU WANT SOME SNOW... MAN???" Joey Johnston chipped in a story for the Tribune about the potential for USF to play at Boise State if they are able to join the Big East a year early. The Bulls were scheduled to play in Morgantown this season, but if the Broncos simply replace West Virginia in the conference schedule, USF would visit the blue turf instead.

4. "Can you believe Flanders threw out a perfectly good toothbrush?" Another story from Greg about now-former Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien, who is the latest player to run screaming from the tyranny of Randy Edsall. (Seriously. #RandyE is going to happen sooner rather than later.) There's a lot going for USF as a potential transfer destination, including the depth chart and Skip Holtz's recruiting history with O'Brien.

5. "Thanks for coming - and don't forget to pick up some orange drink for the long ride home." Women's basketball ended a four-game losing streak on Saturday night with a 54-39 win over Villanova on campus. Andrell Smith scored 22 points for USF, while Tiffany Conner had 10 rebounds and the defense limited the Wildcats to 28.8% shooting. The Bulls are in Milwaukee tonight to meet Marquette, and with the team at 13-13 on the season, they could use this win to stay on schedule to finish over .500.