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Stan Heath Goes Business Casual

Normally Stan Heath is a pretty well-dressed guy on the sideline. Today was an exception, though. In support of Coaches vs. Cancer, both teams' coaches wore sneakers on the benches. Jamie Dixon still wore a suit with his sneakers. But Heath... I don't know what exactly this is.

Granted, I don't have all that much fashion sense, but I didn't know polo shirts had that many buttons. Top that off with the checked sport coat and the dark khaki slacks, and you get something pretty unstable. Heath looked like someone who had just played a round of golf and had a dinner reservation in the club dining room, only to find out that he had to wear a jacket to eat there. I think he would have been better off just wearing the polo.

To be fair, though, this isn't even close to the worst look I've seen in the Big East. Not as long as Bob Huggins is still alive.