South Florida Bulls Set to Clash Against Maine Black Bears


The University of South Florida men's basketball squad is geared up for a riveting matchup against the Maine Black Bears, set to unfold at the Yuengling Center with a 7 p.m.. nfr live

Maine's Strong Basketball Display


The University of Maine men's basketball team surprised with a commanding 70-59 victory over South Florida, capping a successful road stint in Florida. Despite South Florida's status as an eight-point favorite, Maine maintained control throughout the game, denying the Bulls any lead. nfr 2023 live stream

Charlotte Football Coach Poggi’s Mission


Charlotte football's head coach, Poggi, isn't mincing words about the state of the team. With candid remarks about the ongoing tryouts and personnel challenges, he's aiming for significant changes. While injuries and a lack of discipline have been hurdles, Poggi emphasizes the need for an overhaul across the board. nfr live stream 2023

No one's going to miss you once you're gone.


You've done a below-average job covering this program and do an awful job at using social media platforms to drive users to this one. None of you deserve the pennies you get for working on this site.

USF MBB to host Wofford Nov 21


Wofford, who went 30-5 last year and made the NCAA round of 32, will play at USF on November 21, according to their published schedule. Wofford loses its head coach, and top two scorers, one of whom was also their top rebounder. But nearly everyone else returns to what was a very good team. This is another quality opponent for the Bulls.

Texas State interested in Sterlin Gilbert for HC opening


He's gone either way, but perhaps this prevents an official "firing"?

Is Jbril Glaze coming back home?


The redshirt freshman DT has announced that he is transferring. There isn't anything officially linking him to USF yet but he is from Tampa and was originally committed to USF before flipping to VT

Tampa Bulls Clearance Sale


Get yourself one of the Tampa Bulls game jerseys or shorts here. You may even get an actual player's jersey!

The Colts Had An Orangutan Announce The Marlon Mack Pick


The excitement of USF's first draft pick since 2015 was a bit tempered when a dang zoo animal announced it to the world.

Breaking down Charlie Strong's 3-3-5 defense


A nice in-depth look at the defense CCS runs.