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National Signing Day Give-Up Post

Today is National Signing Day. I hope you're not looking for any insight on our newest Bulls from me because I absolutely SUCK at keeping up with this topic. It gives me tired head and I prefer to wait until they show up on campus and start practicing. You just can't form opinions on high schoolers when they're going all Charles Jefferson on tape, wreaking havoc on some shell-shocked team.

So instead, here are some different places you can keep up with the commits:

- You can always get your news straight from the horse's mouth at

- The local newspaper blogs will kill it as always - Greg Auman's St. Petersburg Times blog and Scott Carter's Tampa Tribune blog.

- If you prefer one of the premium sites, you can visit or

- While Brian Bennett has eight different teams to worry about, his Big East blog on should be worth reading if you want to compare everyone's classes.

- And if you want to laugh, cry, bitch, and/or moan about USF's recruiting class, you can visit and discuss it with a few hundred of your closest USF friends.