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The Internets Are Alive With USF Basketball

The Bulls' big win last night has brought the national media and the bloggers out of the woodwork:

- The Dagger talks to Stan Heath about what he's had to do to build the team. You'll notice the reliance on a ver-r-r-r-ry sketchy story from Brett McMurphy to try and make his case. (He does have one point - if you're a bottom-feeder and you have no local talent base, you have to take a few chances to try and turn it around. Otherwise it's a bottomless pit.)

- Beyond the Arc says DoJo is getting it done without being a volume shooter.

- Mike Prada says DoJo is getting it done without leaving the game. He also refers to a nice Basketball Prospectus piece about DoJo and the surprisingly efficient, turnover-free offense on display lately.

- Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times gets Dick Vitale's thoughts on the game and the next steps for the program.

- Casual Hoya continues to freak out.

- Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician is happy that the Orange got their game against USF out of the way already.

- Astro's postgame haiku was a thing of beauty.

- set up a nice roundup page that I swear on my life I did not poach from.