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It's a Bull! In a plane!

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Well, not yet, but soon.

Even though USF does most of their football recruiting in-state, a private jet is still really useful for them when they have to visit a small town out of state. (If you went to Auburn a few years ago, or if you ever go to Morgantown, you know what a total pain it can be to find someplace to fly into and then drive the rest of the way there.) It's also a little bit of a prestige symbol, like "Hey, we're big time, our coaches can fly in on a private jet and meet you." Sometimes that helps.

Actually, you know who might get a lot of use out of this plane? George Kiefer. I don't know what the rules of engagement are on international soccer recruiting, but this would be handy if he wants to fly down to the Caribbean or Central America to meet players. Last year the men's soccer team had a player from Trinidad, another from Jamaica, plus three from Venezuela. A quick check of (the extremely unofficial travel site of Voodoo 5) says that to go from Tampa to Caracas, a round-trip ticket for February 15-17 costs $1122 on American Airlines, plus taxes and fees and whatever else Hugo Chavez may require incoming tourists to do at the airport because HE IS A CRAZY PERSON. My point being, chartering this jet would be much cheaper, and Kiefer would not be subject to the $30 fee for the first checked bag.