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2010 Football Schedule


At first I thought that the Rutgers game might have been moved from Thursday so it wouldn't conflict with the World Series. But it looks like Game 6 (if there is one) would be held on November 3. So basically I agree with the knee-jerk reaction. It's the only game like it on any Big East team's schedule, it's bush league, and it makes everyone involved look bad.

Otherwise the schedule is about as good as you could have hoped for, especially for dodging cold/crappy weather. I think you can partly attribute two recent losses - West Virginia in 2008 and UConn last year - to the cold and snowy weather. Not because the Bulls were distracted or unfocused because of the snow, but because the team didn't adjust their game plan to fit the conditions. (The same thing happened against Rutgers last year, but that game was such a butt-kicking that the windy, rainy weather really wasn't a factor.)

I don't like having to play West Virginia on a short week, but if you made me pick a bowl-quality team to face on a short week I would probably pick them. USF has long since figured out how to slow that team down.

Here's the entire schedule, with my guesses about when the game might be and where it might be on TV. I figured somewhere around 7-5/8-4 was the ceiling for this team, and I don't see any reason to change that after seeing it all on paper.

Sept. 4, STONY BROOK - time is TBA but I would be shocked if this game isn't at the traditional 7:00pm for non-conference, non-ESPN games. Local TV and Internet only.

Sept. 11, at Florida - I'm guessing this will either be a 12:30pm game or a night game, either on the SEC Network or on an ESPN channel. "Super Saturday" at the U.S. Open tennis tournament is on this day, so there won't be a CBS game that week.

Sept. 25, WESTERN KENTUCKY - see Stony Brook. Local TV and Internet only. We can all get together and talk about Brion Carnes not coming to our schools.

Oct. 2 FLORIDA ATLANTIC - see Stony Brook. Local TV and Internet only, which is too bad. The Most Interesting Coach in the World, Howard Schnellenberger, really ought to get more air time. If you and your spouse or significant other are struggling to conceive, come to this game and look deeply into Schnelly's eyes for about 20 seconds. Problem solved.

Oct. 9 SYRACUSE - this game has never been at a time other than 12:00pm, so get out your sunscreen and don't overdo it on the beer. Either the Big East network or maybe ESPNU.

Oct. 14 at West Virginia - 7:30pm, ESPN. CRAIG JAMES BOO HISS. Somewhat mitigated by the presence of Erin Andrews, except she doesn't get to talk as much as Mr. Helicopter Dad.

Oct. 22 at Cincinnati - 8:00pm, ESPN2.

Nov. 3 RUTGERS - 7:00pm, ESPN2. See previous "bush league" comments. Just hope the Rays aren't in a World Series game during this time.

Nov. 13 at Louisville - time is TBA. Probably the same thing as the Syracuse game unless both these teams are better than expected. Small chance of a night ESPNU game.

Nov. 20 PITTSBURGH - time is TBA. It all depends on how good the two teams are. Right now I would guess noon, but it could be any of the typical ESPN Saturday time slots.

Nov. 27 at Miami - time is TBA. Too early to say when, but I'm sure this will be an ESPN or ABC game somewhere. I think ESPN gets to show the Florida/FSU game this year because it's in Tallahassee, so they might not be played at the same time.

Dec. 4 CONNECTICUT - time is TBA, but guaranteed to be on ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2. This could well be a game that gets sacrificed at 8:00pm while the Big XII and ACC championships are going on. If it's important to the conference title, then it will be at noon.