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DoJo Thinks Positively

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Looks like Dominique Jones's recent Facebook announcement that USF would start another four-game winning streak after Sunday's loss in South Bend has made its way back to the Marquette team. (I found what looks like his Facebook wall and I don't see the post in question - guessing he took it down.)

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

MU players admitted on Thursday that they'd already heard about Jones' comments. Not surprisingly, the company line on them has been low-key.

"I just laughed," said Lazar Hayward. "It's probably just something he's trying to do, trying to inspire his team. It may not work, so we'll see."

Added Jimmy Butler: "It was funny, because this morning in the weight room it kept getting brought up. We didn't know anything about it, so we were like, 'Why would he do this?' If that's what he thinks, we're not going to let that faze us. We're still going to do what we do, and protect our home floor."

I love DoJo's outward confidence. I can't remember this feeling ever existing around USF basketball, even when Altron Jackson was going off for 20 points a game back in Conference USA. The only part of this bravado that bugs me is the timing. He's had a fantastic run over the last month, but remember he did go 3-for-17 for only 10 points against the Irish on Sunday. It's OK, you can say it. He played bad against Notre Dame. He had a bad game. That wasn't so hard, was it.

The Golden Eagles have plenty of defenders to throw at him tonight, and with 18,000 fans and some added motivation on their side there may be some more tough sledding for Jones. Fortunately there are other ways to beat this small Marquette team. Jarrid Famous, Toarlyn Fitzpatrick, and hopefully Gus Gilchrist may end up being the keys to victory.