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Q&A with Scott at UCBearcats

Scott from The UC Bearcats Blog was nice enough to answer a few questions on tonight's game with Cincinnati. Scott also posted some answers I did for him as well here. He has a great site and has created quite a following in a short amount of time.

1. So what has changed since the last time we met a month ago?

The Bearcats are coming into the South Florida game the same way they did last month, following a win after two bad losses. The first time, they were road losses to Seton Hall and St John's, followed by a win against Notre Dame. This time, Cincinnati is coming off blow out losses against Notre Dame and Syracuse, and a win at UConn. So in a way, not much. But the Bearcats are coming off their best half on the road since December, and hopefully (for me) that translates tomorrow.
2. Right before our last meeting, you highlighted the Bearcats inability to make a 3-Pointer. Is there anyone that doesn't make want to punch your TV when they jack one up from deep?

The only person that doesn't make me want to punch the tv is Deonta Vaughn, and that's just because he was Cincinnati basketball the past 3 seasons and he's earned leeway. But Vaughn is 4-25 the last 4 games, and is in a general shooting slump. Jaquan Parker, who scored 15 against USF and has scored 10 since, is the other one, but he doesn't get minutes. He played 35 against USF, and 45 since. I'm sorry for making you and your readers hate him, because he had his only good game against you.

3. Since we didn't see him last time due to an ankle injury, can you give us a scouting report on Lance Stephenson?

Lance is the star of the UC team, leading in points, and 2nd in rebounds, and assists. He's great off the dribble, I would say one of the best wing players off the bounce in the conference. His jump shot is good enough inside the arch, but he's horrendous from 3 range at 20%. He rebounds very well, especially on defense. He has the ability to take over games for periods, like he did at the start of the Louisville game, and the start of the second half against UConn, but can disappear at times, like the rest of the Louisville game and against Syracuse.

4. You pointed out the uneasy relationship between the coaching staff and Hall of Famer Oscar Robinson. Has there been any type of reconciliation between the two sides?

No, and there probably won't be. Oscar is not a Mick Cronin fan, and he probably never will be. It's something that Mick has played down when asked, and it's an non issue to him. I do wish that Oscar would cool it at the games, because having your legend yell at the coach to "Sit down and shut up," isn't really great.

5. Any predictions on the game tomorrow? How many missed three pointers?

The Bearcats have laid gigantic eggs on the road (UAB, ND), or not played well (SHU, St John's), so it's a crapshoot. I think that it's going to be a tightly contested game, more so than the game in Cincinnati. As for 3s in the game, there won't be more than 9 made, and I'm guessing both teams will put up at least 15. Cincinnati will at least. As for a winner, I think the Bearcats are going to pull off a tight one, 70-68.

Thanks again to Scott over at The UC Bearcats Blog. Always a good read when talking about UC sports.