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Bulls Recon: David at FriarBlog talks PC Hoops

David over at the awesome Providence site FriarBlog was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and answer some questions about what the Friars have done since we met last month. I answered a couple of questions for him as well and you can see them here. Check him out, and bar none the best blog logo in the Big East.

1. How did Lady Gaga Night go at the Dunk vs. Syracuse?

I didn't see anything on TV or hear about it from anyone at the game, so I have no idea. Maybe the whole thing was a big joke? If so, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. The "Black-Out" was a reasonable success, but there was way too much ORANGE for my liking. When you are ranked #4 and have only lost two games all year, the fans are going to travel well.

2. Did you expect Greedy Peterson to do so well this season after redshirting last year?

Greedy came out of nowhere this season. Everyone knew he was an athletic freak, but his shot and knack for getting to the rim have been a pleasant surprise. The question is, can he take it to the next level? Peterson still has a lot of work to do on the defensive end -- if he can really elevate his game to be a great two-way player, the Friars can have a really special player for the next two years.

3. I know that you guys have an extremely young team, how are the newcomers doing in the Big East this year?

We've seen some very good things out of the newcomers this season. Point guard Vincent Council could be considered the best player on the team, and is a shoe in for All-BIG EAST Rookie team. His court sense is great, and he can penetrate to the hoop and continually set up his teammates for easy buckets. Forward Bilal Dixon (who redshirted last year) just keeps getting better and better as the year goes on, and looks to be a team leader type with the passion he shows out on the court. However, as we saw against Syracuse both times, Dixon will sometimes get overmatched at the center position. He's more suited to be a 4, but Providence's lack of size or depth there means he'll be up against the BEASTS of the EAST. Other than those two and Duke Mondy, PC hasn't seen much from any other newcomer.

4. How is recruiting going for you guys. Anyone we should keep an eye on next season?

Keno and his staff landed two Top-100 players, both who Providence got on early and have really come on strong this year. Gerard Coleman (ranked #54 in ESPN) could be an impact player as a scoring guard and an elite defender. Joseph Young is a sharpshooter (and best player) on the best High School team in the nation -- The Yates (Texas) team that scores almost 200 points game. They'll have a lot of expectations for their first year in Friartown, but it will create a very strong backcourt for the next several years.

5. Any predictions? Over/Under of 200 points? Number of Greedy putback dunks? Times Dominique Jones slashes through the defense?

The Friars just got done with an absolute brutal stretch (4 top 8 teams in a row), and have lost 7 games in a row. Even though USF brings up bad memories of that meltdown at the DUNK, I think they are due for a win. They have definitely been prepared over the last two weeks. I think Dominique Jones (even if sick) will get his points, but I think all the national attention of the poor defense will hopefully motivate the Friars to clamp down. Providence 75-70!

Bonus 6th Question. Since you guys play at the Dunkin Donuts Center I have to ask, what do you get when you go to DD?

That is quite possibly the best question any BIG EAST blogger has ever asked me. During the fall/winter, I always go with a large French Vanilla with milk and sugar. In the late spring and summer, I rock large Iced Coffees left and right. I like the French Vanilla, but have been also mixing it up with Toasted Almond. I'll rarely get food there, but if I do it's a chocolate glazed donut. Can't beat those!

Thanks to David once again for answering the questions, and I can't fault him for his selections at Dunkins, although I go for a blueberry cake donut when I drive on through.