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Bulls Recon: Mike at UCHuskies talks UConn

In advance of our huge game against Connecticut this Saturday, Mike Grant over at as nice enough to do a Q&A before our NCAA Elimination game. You can check out my answers for a couple of his questions here.

1. What the hell happened vs. Notre Dame?

Total no show. Stanley Robinson, who had scored in double figures in 30+ consecutive games, played 35 minutes and took 4 shots. 4. Jerome Dyson has been struggling lately, and Wednesday night his struggles were front and center. 2-14 and 5 turnovers. Notre Dame played terrible, they scored 17 points in the first half...and won. Just a no show by the Huskies.

2. Give me some hope on Saturday. What can USF do to bring home a win this weekend.

I don't think it's a longshot by any means that USF wins this game. The way the Huskies played Wednesday was as if they're in the tank. I don't think anyone knows what to expect out of this squad, not even Calhoun. The only thing consistent about the Huskies is that they are inconsistent. If they couldn't get up for Notre Dame, when most people felt all they had to do to get into the tourney was win the last two games, why should we expect a nice showing Saturday? With all of that said, the Huskies, when playing well, are capable of beating anyone. So you want hope? Hope the same team that scored 48 points in a home loss to Cincy, and 50 points in a loss to Notre Dame shows up.

3. Gavin Edwards is having a pretty good senior year after being glued to the bench the past 3 years. What has he done to improve himself this season?

Gotten minutes. It's a little bit of a misnomer in my opinion that Edwards is much improved from last season...he was just playing behind Jeff Adrien and Hasheem Thabeet. Check the numbers : This year he's averaging 10.8 points and 6.7 boards in 30.8 minutes. Last season he averaged 3.8 points and 3 boards in 11.7 minutes...if you plug his junior season numbers into 30.8 minutes, you'd get 10 points and 7.9 boards. He's just finally getting an opportunity, he's always been talented.

4. I'm sure this is being asked a ton, but do you think Coach Calhoun's health will force him to retire after this season?

No, I don't believe it will. Calhoun is way too much of a fighter to go out like this. I do however believe that if he were to miss extended time next season as well, it would be best for all parties if coach hung it up.

5. Any predictions for the game? Who would win in a fight between Gavin and his USF OL brother Damien? Over/Under on Stanley Robinson dunks?

My prediction, 71-65 Huskies...because I have to believe that Jim Calhoun finds some way to motivate these kids. The last time they played as poorly as they did vs Notre Dame was vs Cincy, and they came out and won the next three. So I'll hang my hat on that, because I've got to hang my hat on something. I'll set the Stanley Robinson dunk o/u at 2.5. Fight between Gavin and Damien? Tough one...Gavin's got the reach, Damien's got the weight advantage...I'll go with Brittney Griner.

Bonus 6th Question! Since this play happened during a UConn/USF game, do you know what Voodoo 5 stands for?

I don't, and I've been best guess: 2007 at the Rent, USF ball, 3rd and goal from the one, Huskies up 22-15 about a minute to play...Grothe rolls left and is sacked by UConn LB Greg Robinson. Was the play call VooDoo 5? I have one of the pylons from that game...back corner of the end zone
Mike was really close on the play. Same scenario, wrong year. One of these days we will talk about the name of the blog. So go check him out if you haven't already, he does a great job running the site. Hopefully we will have another Q&A up today, along with an Ode to our Seniors.