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Presenting the Premiere of "Monday Night Five"

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But you're saying it's Wednesday now. Yeah, we know. I'm sure we'll do this again, though, and when we do it will start happening on Mondays like we intended.

We decided that with so much to discuss between the Syracuse and West Virginia games and very little time to write it all down, the only way to cover it was by launching our own podcast. Our first attempt, on Monday night, went really well except for the part where we didn't record it. So we tried again last night and this time we saved our conversation.

When I have more time in future weeks, I'll edit these into something much tighter and hopefully easier to listen to. But for now, enjoy our first-ever podcast, with a rambling conversation about the USF-Syracuse game, adjusted expectations for the season, B.J. Daniels and whether he can become the quarterback Skip Holtz and Todd Fitch need him to be, and the Bulls' slim chance of winning tomorrow night's game in Morgantown. There's also Protect Your Unit talk, shouting at the Rays and their Little League defense against the Rangers as it happens, way too many references to Monday's attempted podcast, Toro's speech about paying NCAA student-athletes, a short USF basketball preview, discussing what color the sky is in Les Miles's world, a report on my terrible kickball team, and much more.

Hope you enjoy it, or at least make it all the way to the end.