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The Most Important Player for USF Basketball - Number 13

The greatest USF Basketball roster countdown is back for year two, as we try to find out who will be The Most Important Player for USF Basketball this season. With an open scholarship and one less walk-on, we are down to only 13 players on the countdown, but thats fine with me considering I only have three weeks before the opener November 12th against Southern Miss.

So let's get on with it. Number 13 oddly enough will wear number 13 this season. He is The Official 2010-2011 USF Human Victory Cigar, Jordan Heath!

Heath comes to USF via Tampa Prep, where he started for the Class 2A runners up last season after transferring from Wharton. While playing for the Terrapins, Heath averaged 3.9 points, 2.3 assists, 2  rebounds, and 1.3 steals a game. Let's face it, Jordan is sitting 4th on the depth chart at PG behind Anthony Crater, Shedrick Haynes, and LaVonte Dority. Jordan seems like a good kid and a good athlete, but the most he should be expected to do this year is rock out the warm-ups, go nuts when Haynes posterizes someone, and become an aficionado of the towel wave. If Heath can create handshakes with each of the starters, and preform them during introductions, that would be a plus as well.

If he can do that, plus get a little burn at the end of games when the outcome is out of reach, then even better. It would be nice to bring out the USFHVC as much as possible.