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The Most Important Player for USF Basketball - Number 12

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Welcome back to the greatest 13-person countdown on USF basketball this season! Last time we left you, we announced our choice for the USF Human Victory Cigar, the coach's son, Jordan Heath.

Today brings our 12th selection, and its our yearly transfer. After Anthony Crater and Ron Anderson, Jr. came to Tampa via Ohio State and Kansas State, respectively, The 12th Most Important Player for USF Basketball is Arizona State transfer Victor Rudd!

The 6'7" native of Los Angeles attended Findley Prep before signing with the Sun Devils two years ago. Victor was mired on the bench last season after missing all of ASU's preseason practices while waiting to receive NCAA eligibility. In total, Rudd played in 15 games last season averaging 6.2 minutes, 2.5 points, and 1.1 rebounds a contest. He will miss this season, and will have three years of eligibility left when he is able to play next year.

I'm excited to see what Victor can do for us next year. It has been way too long since we've had a true small forward at USF, and he seems like he can produce for us at this level. While at Findley, he averaged 16 and 8, and to do that at a national power with other D-I athletes trying to improve their stats is quite impressive. I hope he creates a challenge for Hugh Robertson, Mike Burwell, and Jawanza Poland during practice, and makes them all better players.

One thing I hope Victor does is not wear warmups every game like Ron did last season. It would be fun to track what Rudd wears on a game by game basis like TNIAAM did with Scoop Jardine two years ago.

So the question for you V5ers is: who should be Number 11 on TMIPFUSFB countdown? Your answers are below.