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The Most Important Player for USF Basketball - Number 10

Welcome back to the greatest countdown on the 2010-2011 USF men's basketball team in history! Last time we saw you, freshman PG LaVonte Dority came in at Number 11. He's not being mentioned as a starter right now by Stan, but most freshman point guards don't fare well in the Big East. So let's let him see what a season in the conference is like, and then challenge Anthony Crater and Shedrick Haynes for some more playing time next year.

Now onto today's entry. Like we said earlier this week, this time of year is the hardest to predict because of the influx of new players coming in, and not knowing how it will all play out until we see them play for a couple of weeks. In fact, this whole list might be blown up after we see what the team does against Eckerd on Monday. (Which you all should go to, by the way.) But as of right now, the 10th Most Important Player for USF Basketball this year is Mike Burwell!

Mike is back for his sophomore season after spending most of last year behind seniors Mike Mercer and Dominique Jones. Unable to crack the rotation, Burwell played in 19 games off the bench last year, averaging 4.8 minutes, 1.2 points, and .7 rebounds a game. After an offseason of trying to dine and dash from Village Inn, getting caught, and the embarrassment that followed, Mike is now entrenched in a battle with Shaun Noriega for the starting 2 guard. While I don't think that Burwell will win that battle, it's nice to see him improve enough over the offseason to where he is competing for the job.

So your question of the day V5ers is, as always, who will be the next player on the countdown? Your choices are below.