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EA NCAA Football 11 Simulation - USF vs. Syracuse

This one turned into a thriller. And also, this outcome sucked.


I mean, Syracuse could actually win the real game, but I doubt it would happen with this much decision-making brain lock from the losing team. If you'd like to know how USF loses to Syracuse in this game, here are some hints:

  • 10 trips to the red zone for a total of 14 points.
  • 3-for-20(!) on third down.
  • Give up over 500 total yards on defense and let the Orange run an astounding 95 plays.
  • Throw stupid passes and take killer sacks and penalties in scoring range.
  • Alternately, call running plays on third and long that have no chance of picking up the first.
  • Get totally stifled on offense and basically not give a shit until roughly the 10:00 mark of the 4th quarter when you're trailing 29-14 and narrowly escaped the kill shot because Syracuse tried to make it a 17-point game by going for two, but missed.
  • Pull a Schottenedsall* in overtime, turn into a giant wuss, and completely fail to move the ball, then miss a 48-yard field goal to give the Orange a gift-wrapped chance for victory that even they couldn't turn down.
Ryan Nassib joined the club of quarterbacks who have thrown the hell out of the ball against the CPU Bulls, going 26-for-51 for 361 yards and 3 TDs. Delone Carter added 129 yards on 32 carries, while Van Chew (5 for 118 and a touchdown) and a healthy-in-this-sim-only Marcus Sales (7 for 95) led the Orange in receiving. Very telling that they could give the ball away four times and still roll up these huge numbers.

For USF, CPU Mo Plancher is apparently going to win the Doak Walker Award or something because he ran for another 189 yards on 28 carries, including an 83-yard touchdown. Sterling Griffin and Dontavia Bogan each caught 5 passes, but B.J. Daniels was only 18-for-42 for 202 yards. Kayvon Webster recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff and ran it in for the game's first score, but the Bulls were bottled up (or more accurately, self-contained) for most of the afternoon.

I know the Bulls have struggled in the red zone, but not to that extreme. And I am confident that if they were to lose to Syracuse, it would not involve the coaching staff turning into some kind of unholy mutation of Ron Zook, Willie Martinez, and Gary Crowton. Now down to 3-2 on the year and a big fat stinky 0-1 in the Big East, USF has to put this behind them and get ready for next Thursday's game at West Virginia.

* - this is Randy Edsall's new name after seeing how he helped piss away the Rutgers game. It will be used early and often.