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The Most Important Player for USF Basketball - Number 9

The Most Important Coundown on USF Basketball is down to single digits, and we break into the top 10. Last time on the countdown, Mike Burwell's lack of emotion on the bench locked him in at number 10. Today's selection will probably shock a couple of people, but The 9th Most Important Player for USF Basketball this year is Toarlyn Fitzpatrick!

I know you guys must be shocked. Last year Toarlyn was thrown into the fire after injuries to Alex Rivas and Augustus Gilchrist, and for the most part Fitzy held his own in the Big East which is saying something considering the quality of bigs the conference had last year. Toarlyn averaged 4.3 points, 4.5 rebounds, and one block a game last season in 22 minutes of action.

Last year, I could say without a doubt that he was our best defender down in the post, and if we had the same rotation at the 4 and 5, I would count on him to at least double is production. But there is one problem to this, and his name is Ron Anderson Jr. Coach Heath has said that Ron would be a de facto starter down low, and he is going to take a lot of the minutes from Toarlyn had last season. Toarlyn will still get some decent burn off the bench, but I don't think it will be to the extent he had last season unless someone ahead of him gets hurt. Just speaks to the depth we have down low this season.

So the question for you guys as always, is who will be next in TMIPFUSFB Countdown? Your answers are below