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My Annual Delayed USF Basketball Interest, Or Technology Can Only Do So Much

Technology is wonderful and all, but it can't do everything. Unlike Toro and Ken, I'm really not able to get excited for the start of USF basketball season right away. It's easier for them -- they live close enough to go to the Sun Dome and see whatever games are put on local TV. For me, it's a lot harder. I'm 1000 miles away from Tampa, and even though ESPN3 has been a godsend for my Bulls fandom, it's not a cure-all. ESPN3 doesn't usually start showing USF games until conference season begins and the Big East Network kicks in, because they show nearly every league game that isn't already on national TV.

Last year I got lucky, and USF's first game of the season was at SMU so I could go over there and see it in person. But that's not the case this year. So during non-conference play, I'm going to stay out of the way of basketball coverage, for the most part. I can't see most of the games, so I won't feel right saying definitively that this thing or that thing happened. Maybe when the Kent State and Auburn games are on ESPNU, I'll have some opinions to share, but for now I'm going to stick to football.

I was wondering how technology could solve this problem, and for once I think the answer is that it can't. It's all up to USF now. I mean, every team will have their tuneup games that are only broadcast locally, and that's fine. If you had all your games on national TV, you'd be Duke, and everyone hates Duke (or at least the constant lavish praise and worship given to Duke). In order to get more non-conference exposure, though, the Bulls have to become a consistent winner to make themselves more attractive for the big holiday tournaments and marquee non-conference events. I'd love to see the Bulls in a Coaches vs. Cancer game, or maybe in the Maui Invitational or something like that. They put all those games on the ESPN networks, and I'd get to see my favorite team play more often, instead of having to wait over a month to finally see them in action.

Of course we all hope someday USF gets to play in these big games in November and December, but it's going to take hard work for them to reach that level. And I guess that's kind of fitting. Because while technology is great and it can get you a long way towards where you're going, it can't completely take the place of good old-fashioned hard work.