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GameThread - USF at Louisville (12:00pm EST)

KICKOFF: 12:00pm Eastern time (11:00am Central for Voodoo)

LOCATION: Papa John's "Papa's In The House" "Stop Putting Yourself In Your Own Commercials" "1984 Gold Camaro Z28" "No Longer Sponsoring The Bowl Game In Birmingham" "Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks" "A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Other Chain Pizzas" Cardinal Stadium, Louisville

WEATHER: Partly cloudy, temperatures in the upper 60s at kickoff, light winds, a slight chance of rain. Basically USF packed their own weather for this game.


In lieu of our usual Five Keys, I would recommend reading the Q&A's we did earlier this week with The Collision Course and Card Chronicle, which should make the keys to winning pretty clear. I'd also add something I mentioned to the Collision Course when I answered their questions. Louisville has had trouble scoring in the red zone this season, while the Bulls have only allowed 10 touchdowns on 25 red-zone trips by opponents -- one of the best ratios in the FBS. Getting out of drives with field goals is big on the road.

Win this game and catch a break in Piscataway later today, and the path to a Big East title gets a lot cleaner for USF. Go Bulls!