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Who's The School With All The Sports That's Made For You & Me?

Tomorrow is a big day for USF Athletics in Orlando. Men's soccer plays its first-round NCAA Tournament game against UCF at 5 p.m., and men's basketball also takes on the Knights at 7 p.m.  Our opinion on UCF around here is pretty well settled, but tomorrow is a legitimate reason to venture out and visit our neighbors to the east.  Sometimes it's easy for me to forget about UCiF because without my glasses I am pretty blind, and I sure as hell can't see that far in a rearview mirror, but tomorrow will be a nice retro day for us old school Bulls fans that remember life before the BCS.  I've made this trip in the past for volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and of course football and basketball. Getting two in one day is always a treat.

Anyway Ken and I will be in O-Town tomorrow cheering on our Bulls in both games, and hopefully avoiding confrontations with the natives. If you know of good places to have a beverage or two before and after the games, let us know, since a lot of that area has been completely redone over the past five years and I for one am not nearly as familiar with it as I used to be. And if you're making the trip, say so in the comments. We'd love to meet some of you if you're going to be there.