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New Chronologically Incorrect "Monday Night Five" Podcast

We actually recorded it on Tuesday night, and since I have a major hangup about hearing my own voice we're not getting around to posting it until Thursday morning, but here is the latest episode of our "Monday Night Five" podcast. We talk about last week's win over Louisville, touch briefly on the upcoming game with Pittsburgh, and then Toro and Ken talk at great length (sometimes with each other) about USF basketball's first two games of the season. We also try and figure out how to prevent someone from ever winning $6,000 in one week of "Protect Your Unit" again, and I burn my Bob Knight/Dale Brown quote to explain how comforting it will be to have Dave Wannstedt on the opposite sideline this Saturday.

If you'd like to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and get new episodes automatically, CLICK HERE TO ADD IT alongside the dozens, nay hundreds of Beatles tracks you have certainly downloaded in the last 48 hours. Otherwise, you can listen by clicking the play button below.