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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: End of November Edition

- Before we get into the USF side of things, DRaysBay is trying to secure funds to have a full page ad for Carl Crawford thanking him for his service with the Rays before he signs with another team. They are about 1/3 of the way there, and anything you could do to help will be much appreciated by the DRB guys.

- I don't know which coach voted USF in at Number 25 this week, but whoever you are thank you.

- Greg Auman has a nice piece on TCU. Two pretty interesting things in there. First, TCU AD Chris Del Conte has to thank Doug Woolard for his first job, as Woolard hired Del Conte while Doug was at Washington State. Second, is that USF is still the longest drive in the Big East by about 200 feet. I'm not kidding. Here is the math:

Plug the addresses for Louisville and TCU into Yahoo Maps, and the distance is 872.43 miles; plug in Louisville and USF and the Bulls are 872.47 miles away. The difference is less than a football field.

Awesome stuff as always from GA.

- Speaking of Greg, he is reporting that Jim Leavitt is a possible candidate for the now vacant Miami job. Most think its a courtesy interview due to AD Kirby Hocutt being a former player of Leavitt's while at Kansas State, but its nice to see him get an interview.

- Congrats to Justin Brockhaus-Kann, who was named Big East Special Teams Player of the Week. Field position was huge in the first half, and he consistently boomed the Canes back. Good to see JBK back to his Gus the Kicking Mule form.

Your USF related Youtube of the Week. Who wants USF-Miami highlights?

USF vs. Miami Football Highlights 2010 (via nebolskeetskeet)

- Couple of recruiting notes. Adam Adkins is reporting that Lowndes DB Kenneth Durden has committed to USF last week over schools like Louisville and Mississippi State. Also, former Miami commit Anthony Chickillo decommitted from the Canes, and USF is a possible option along with FSU, USC, and UF. We might not get Chickillo, but its good to be in the conversation.

- TheUConnBlog's weekly power rankings are up, and while USF is a solid 4th in the football version, the BasketBulls dropped to 15th, only ahead of DePaul and TCU. Yes we included TCU above DePaul just beacuse. #BootDePaul