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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: Soccer Championship Edition

- Congrats to Coach Denise Schilte-Brown and the Women's Soccer Team for making it to the Big East Championship game. Unfortunately yesterday, they did lose in the championship game, falling to West Virginia 1-0 on a 82nd minute goal by Meghan Lewis.. After this weekend's performance, the Bulls are a lock for the NCAA Tournament, but they are on the fence with hosting a first round game. The bracket will be announced today at 4:30, and you can watch it on ESPNU if you feel so inclined. If not, that's ok I'm sure I'll be tweeting where the Bulls will end up in the first round.

On another note, did you see the away jerseys this weekend? My God they are a thing of beauty. They are now the Best Uniforms in USF History.

- The Men's Soccer team had to travel up to Morgantown to face West Virginia in the first round of the Men's Big East Tournament, and while they were competitive most of the game, the Bulls fell to the Mountaineers 2-1 on a 50th minute goal from Eric Schoenle. Coach Keifer's guys should be ok for the tournament, but they'll have to be road warriors if they want to make an extended run this year.

- Your USF Related YouTube of the Week

 (via BullsVision)

The greatest promotions USF had all season was making sure all students under 17 were free, and I'm excited to see that they are extending the promotion into this season. So for those with 17 seat passenger vans, round up the kids in the neighborhood and go to the Sun Dome for the night. I'm sure their parents would appreciate the night off. (They should come too! Tickets are 8 bucks! GO TO THE GAME FRIDAY!!!)

- Greg Auman has some injury updates in yesterday's practice report. It looks like B.J. Daniels' turf toe is going to be ok for the Louisville game as he went 100% at practice yesterday. And as much as Jerell Young and Jamar Bass' ankle injuries worry me a bit, I think the production from Mark Joyce and Mark Popek this season won't worry me too much. Greg also had information on why we haven't seen freshman RB Marcus Shaw the last couple of games, as he is being held out of practice until he gets his grades up. Good to see Skip doing this to make sure Shaw is taking the necessary steps to make sure Shaw gets the most out of his opportunity. This quote speaks volumes,

"He needs to learn now that there's a term 'student-athlete' and it's not professional. He has to handle his classroom."

This isn't the first time Holtz has done this. You guys remember that Skip held out David Bedford and Jamar Taylor during spring practice for the same reason.

- Adam Adkins has a nice blurb on K Maikon Bonani, and how he has solidified the kicking game after Eric Schwartz started the season 1-5. Bonani is 8-9 this season, including a beauty from 47 Wednesday night against Rutgers. Bonani has this to say about his form right now,

"I feel good to be honest. I feel like every time I go out there it’s my job to help the team, and I use that to motivate me. The fact that I’ve made a couple kicks here and there really helps a lot, too."

I don't feel a lump in my chest anymore when we send out the field goal unit, which I haven't been able to say since Santiago Gramatica. For Voodoo and Toro, it might go back to Bill Gramatica.