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New "Monday Night Five" Podcast

Toro couldn't participate in last night's podcast, so it was just Ken and me in this edition. The two of us take another look back at USF's win over Rutgers last Wednesday night, and we look ahead a little bit to Saturday's surprisingly big game against Louisville. We also discussed Big East expansion, bowl projections, the upcoming USF basketball season and my lack of enthusiasm for it, why we just can't muster up any dislike for Louisville, and Ken's story of rushing the field after USF's double overtime win over the Cardinals in 2003.

Finally, I pat Ken on the back for his big Protect Your Unit triumph, and we stumble upon what might be the single worst line of the year. We can only pray it holds up until Thursday so we can put gobs of fake money on it.

You can listen to the podcast below, or even better, you can subscribe to Monday Night Five on iTunes and get new episodes downloaded to you automatically.