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The Student Bulls Club Bus Trip To Charlotte: They Left Who In Charge??

From our trip to Charlotte in 2005.  Who says you can't go home again?
From our trip to Charlotte in 2005. Who says you can't go home again?

You know the theme this month by now, so go ahead you mad hipster genius...

Destiny was calling
Monday afternoon
Wednesday you'll be crawling
And you'll pray to be there soon
With sports and wine

Substitute Monday for Friday, Dec. 30th, and Wednesday for New Year's Day, and you've got an apt description for the latest Student Bulls Club trip.  That's right kids, we're going to Charlotte on the super-cheap, and you can come with us by clicking right here.

Besides being a ridiculous bargain at $110 with transportation, two nights hotel, game ticket, and the official pre-game party included, you get a privilege that even Sotheby's couldn't put a value on:  The right to have yours truly as your chaperone on the trip.

USF's ticket genius Mike Stuben and I will be in charge as we leave rather early on Friday, Dec. 30th, and return on New Years Day.  We've done this about a half-dozen times before, and we sort of have a system: Let everyone have as much fun as legally possible.

The point of these trips is to give as many students as possible an opportunity to support their team away from home.  And if you're willing to take a bus that far, I don't think anyone can question your dedication to your future alma mater.  And as much fun as the games themselves are, usually the most memorable things happen away from the stadium.

I have a ton of stories I could tell from these trips in the past, but we'd like Athletics to continue to pay for these things, so some are better left untold.  But couples have met on these trips and ended up married.  Floor mats have been stolen from opposing arenas.  Women have been given $100 chips at casinos as a tip for betting with other people's money.  Opposing coaches have been called out for driving lousy imported cars that haven't been washed in weeks, and proceeded to curse at our students as they head into the arena.  Arm-linked riot police in full SWAT gear have been challenged to matches of Red Rover.  Fake arrests have been staged as a prank to make the chaperones as nauseous as possible.  And that's the stuff I'm willing to share publicly.  These things are beyond fun, and it's the perfect Christmas gift for any USF student that loves the Bulls

So many former SBC members are now donors to USF Athletics, and it's been one of the most successful development programs ever instituted.  Over $2000 has already been raised from past trip-takers to help pay for this year's group.  Thanks to all of those that continue to pay it forward the right way.

We'll see you in Charlotte.  And if you've been down this road with us before, say hi and tell us how much fun you had in the comments.

Sports & Wine- Ben Folds Five (via hpsnorlaxdirector)