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Best of the Bullogosphere - Day Before Senior Day Edition

Couple of Links out there today.

- I always like reading Greg Auman's chats whenever he does them, and the joint chat GA did with the Hartford Courant's Desmond Conner is another good one. The best part of the chat was the consistent questions about UConn LB Scott Lutrus' hand, and Greg wondering if Kinnard was Scott's nickname for the injured hand. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

- Speaking of injuries, the Big East injury reports are out for the week. On the UConn side, Lutrus is probable, while DL Twyon Martin is out, and LT Mike Ryan is questionable. For USF, we have a little bit of good news, and a bit of bad news. The bad news is that Senior FB Richard Kelly is out after having surgery on his hand earlier this week. DE Patrick Hampton is also out for a second straight week. The good news is that B.J. Daniels is questionable, and DE Craig Marshall will be a go after missing the last four games with an injured foot.

- Did USF shock the country last night, and end the UConn Women Basketball team's winning streak? No, no we did not. But at least we kept it within 30, which is a good thing all things considering. The Smith twins though are creating a name for themselves, and they combined for an impressive 35 points between the pair. Andrea scored 25, but did it on 7-24 shooting. Andrell chipped in 15 on an impressive 6-12.

- The College Football Buffet is up, and USF is in Tier III all by our lonesome. The only games above ours are the conference championship games and The Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State.

- Who wants to hear Skip talk about UConn? Adam Adkins has you covered.

- Greg Auman tells us that Dontavia Bogan and Lindsey Lamar are both close to setting USF records. Dontavia needs 107 yards to break Carlton Mitchell's receiving yards record, and Lamar needs 75 yards to break Bogan's record for kickoff yards in a season.