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Game 2 Anthem: Connecticut

Oh boy, is this game gonna suck.

I've written a little bit in the past about how much Jim Calhoun's attempts to pat USF on the head irk me. I realize Calhoun has a zillion coaching wins and two national titles, plus he's a cranky old man, and that gives him license to say almost anything he wants. But when he's saying things about how Robert McCullum instills a work ethic, he's really just saying, "Wow, these guys are a train wreck! At least they try hard, which is the absolute minimum that any team with scholarship athletes should do."

So for you, Jim Calhoun, the queefcore anthem for this game is "She's So High" by Tal Bachman. You're like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite. And sometimes just as catty.

(I had some trepidation as to whether or not this qualified for our theme. However, I was assured by the self-proclaimed "Lester Bangs of queefcore," Luke AKA @worstfan of Eleven Warriors and various EDSBS projects, that solo artists and Tal Bachman in particular can qualify as queefcore, even though they are not by definition a group of bros hanging out in a band.)