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USF-Clemson GameDay Links

Happy New Year's Eve V5ers! Here are a couple of links to get you ready for today's nooner against Clemson.

- First let's congratulate DT Terrell McClain on being invited to this year's East-West Shrine Game in Orlando. The Dancing Bear has been a rock on the DL for the past four years, and I hope a strong showing will bump his draft stock a couple of rounds.

- If you read further down in Greg's article, you'll see that WR Daniel Bryant has left the program. He showed a lot of promise coming to Tampa, but he switched from CB to WR a couple of times and never really saw a lot of playing time. This, combined with his poor academic standing, and it made sense why Bryant left the team. I hope a 1-AA picks Bryant up, and he can get his grades in shape.

- Greg also talked with Dr. Lou and Mark May, who gave their thoughts on the game today.

- Couple of links from Brian Bennett at ESPN. First is the news that Skip is not disclosing who will get the start today, which has been his gameplan from the start. Brian also gives his keys to a USF victory, which are pretty much the same as our Five Keys yesterday.

Your Ben Folds YouTube of the Day:

A little NSFW (via NeoSync05)

- Shakin The Southland breaks down USF and Clemson's matchup against Miami, and once again FIGUREFOUR does a fantastic job. Its a two post breakdown, and you can read that here and here.

- Adam Adkins was with the football team when they went to the Charlotte Motor Speedway to see the team take a fast lap around the track. A couple of good pictures there with Coach Holtz and Lindsey Lamar as well.