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Welcome to Voodoo Five!

Hi, we're Voodoo Five. You might remember us from such posts as our LiveBlog from Vegas, our Profile on Jason Pierre-Paul, and our running count on Holtzisms.

You Don't? Oh...Well, we are three guys who love talking about USF.  Its an exciting time for the program, as we welcome the Skip Holtz era in football, along with having a competent basketball team at the Sun Dome for the first time in 20 years.

There are a lot of people that helped us get here. Big thanks to Sean Keeley over at TNIAAM for letting the bigwigs know about us and giving us our big break. The Dev Team led by Chris, Ryan, Warren, and Pablo were great in getting us acclimated to the new platform and making this site our own.

We want our readers to be active here, and there are a lot of ways for you to contribute to the site. Once you register with the blog, you can comment on any of our articles, or you can post your own FanPost or FanShot. These new features will let you post a link or write about something that we haven't talked about yet. If your FanPost or FanShot gets enough positive feedback, there is even the option of elevating your post to the Front Page of the site.

We are really excited to get this thing started. So sit back, and enjoy the new and improved Voodoo Five!