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Spring Game Rosters Set - Reviewing the New Depth Chart

The rosters are in place for Saturday evening's spring game (6:00pm, Raymond James Stadium, free, Bright House Cable or ESPN3 if you can't attend). As we said yesterday, it's first string vs. first string and second vs. second - the units will switch after every score or defensive stop, and it's being timed like a real game.

The rosters for the game also serve as a de facto depth chart, so let's see where changes have occurred since the first one came out back in March. It's hard to keep things straight, but the two teams are named "Team South Florida" and "Team Bulls." The first-team offense and second-team defense are on Team South Florida. The second-team offense and first-team defense are on Team Bulls, so that the 1st vs. 1st and 2nd vs. 2nd matchups can happen.

  • The most interesting change I see is that Evan Landi is being listed as a WR/QB. This might be out of necessity because B.J. Daniels is the only full-time quarterback on scholarship in the game and someone needs to be able to steer the second unit well enough to let the coaches make their evaluations. But it still wouldn't be a bad idea if this carried over to the fall. Nothing against Jamius Gunsby or the walk-ons, but I would feel a lot better about Landi as the backup QB if anything happened to Daniels. We have plenty of receivers.
  • Looks like Demetris Murray has solidified his role as the #2 running back, as he's been slotted on Team Bulls. Bradley Battles is on Team South Florida as Mo Plancher's backup.
  • Todd Fitch's base offensive set has one back and three receivers, and the rosters appear to have been set up accordingly. The top three WRs are on Team South Florida and the next three are on Team Bulls. Your starting receivers are Dontavia Bogan, A.J. Love annnnnnd... Lindsey Lamar. Impressive that Lamar could, in effect, crack the starting lineup so soon after changing positions. Makes me feel good about his potential to make a big impact during the season.


  • No surprises along the offensive line, although I'm not sure why there are only six O-linemen on Team South Florida and eight on Team Bulls.
  • Also no changes on the defensive line, where David Bedford and Craig Marshall are still the starters on Team Bulls. Ryne Giddins and Patrick Hampton are on Team South Florida.
  • A change at middle linebacker from the first depth chart -  Michael Lanaris is starting and Sam Barrington is on Team South Florida.
  • There's been an outright travesty committed at free safety, where my boy Jon Lejiste has been replaced on Team Bulls by Jerrell Young. Come on Skip, how can you demote a guy who drops knowledge bombs like this one?

Always remember that you are absolutely unique............. Just like everyone else.......!

The man is a goddamn thespian.

  • In less personally distressing news, Tyson Butler has moved up to first string at cornerback, replacing Kayvon Webster.

As always in the spring game, I don't care who wins as long as no one gets hurt.