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Yes, It's Another Post Laughing At RutgersAl

(Author's Note: Apparently RutgersAl has been shamed or coerced into taking this video down. Depending on your point of view, you either missed nothing or you missed a lot.)

Blogging during the offseason is tough. Especially for us this year, because so many of the tried-and-true summer time-killers like reviewing previous games, scouting players and the like don't really apply because of new coaches and new schemes on both sides of the ball. (And also because I had discarded last year's game recordings before I started blogging.) We have some ideas to get us through, but sometimes it gets to the point where we're just waiting for stuff to fall out of the sky.




Look, I know TNIAAM and EDSBS already found this video and got their shots in. But really, this is the kind of thing that you simply can't share enough, or make enough fun of. This is the total solar eclipse of YouTube videos. It's a spectacular thing to behold; still, you must be careful. Don't make direct contact with it for more than a few seconds at a time, and facial protection is strongly recommended to avoid lasting damage.


Honestly, this thing made me about 3% more annoyed about our four-game losing streak against Rutgers. Must be all that JERSEY POW-WERRRRRR.


P.S. If you survived that video, then RutgersAl's eight-minute screed after Cincinnati put a 45-15 whipping on them to start last season might be the kill shot.