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In Other News, Your 2010-11 USF Basketball Human Victory Cigar

With Ryan Kardok graduating, there has been a void that we here at V5 have been wanting to fill since he left. That void is who would take his place as the USF Basketball Human Victory Cigar. We've had internal discussions on who might take his place, and players like Waverly Austin, Mike Burwell, and Lavonte Dority were all considered possible replacements for this prestigious title. 

But with one swift move, Stan Heath has made the decision oh so easy. Your 2010-11 USF Basketball Human Victory Cigar is Jordan Heath!



Both Greg Auman and Scott Carter have reported that the 6'0" guard from Tampa Prep will be walking onto the team for next season. Recruited by smaller D3 schools, Heath started for the Class A state runner-up this season. He averaged 3.9 points and 2.3 assists a game for Tampa Prep this year.

Now I know who I will be rooting for when USF is up 30 with a minute left in the game.