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Where Will DoJo Go?

With Dominique Jones' sights firmly planted towards the NBA, we're going to check in on him every Wednesday to see how he is doing and where he might be heading.

First off, let's check with Greg Auman and Scott Carter, who checked in with Jones after he said some pretty disparaging things about his former teammates. By now, you've read the article on our sister site Bullets Forever, and hopefully you've read Voodoo's rebuttal over here as well. Jones had to explain himself after getting a few phone calls from a couple of guys at USF. In his interview with Auman, Jones said,

"That wasn't what I meant. I just wanted to say that I can show different aspects of my game with different talent around me. I want to let everybody on the team know what I meant. We went to war together, and they know who I am as a person."

Scott Carter also had this from Jones,

"I love the program. I had a role at USF, and in the NBA, I’ll have a different role because of the players around me. That’s all I was saying.’’

I'm glad that its getting cleared up, but I wouldn't be surprised if something like this came up again.

Along with Washington, DoJo has also worked out in Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, and Indianapolis, although I can't find anything on how those workouts went. Now let's see where people have Jones going.

I'll give our NBA Draft site here Ridiculous Upside the first mock linked, as they have DoJo dropping down to 37 to the Bucks RU had Jones going to the Wizards at 34 before the lottery, although I'm sure Washington winning the lottery had something to do with that. and Yahoo Sports' Mike McGraw has Jones up at 24 to the Hawks, while the NBA Draft Guru and's Ian Thomsen both have Mr. Jones heading up to DC regardless to play for the Wizards.

That's all I can round up this week. If you guys see anything DoJo related, post a FanShot. If we like it enough, not only will we use it here, but we might put it on the front page as well.