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Best of the Bull-ogosphere May 15-21

There is a lot of USF stuff we didn't get to this week. So here is the best of the week that was.

- If you are in the Bay area this weekend and have some free time, please head over to Pinellas County for the Will Bleakley Memorial Baseball Tournament. All the proceeds benefit the Bleakley Memorial Scholarship, a $3,000 dollar given to a Citrus County student heading to USF. Even if you can't go, buy a raffle ticket or donate to the site. 

- Congrats to Bulls assistant coach Andrea Williams, who became the new women's basketball coach at the Air Force Academy. Williams was an assistant at USF for the past two seasons, and before that spent some time at Jacksonville. From what Scott Carter is saying, there is a major rebuilding effort at the AFA, but if she is anything like Jose she will get the team up to par shortly.

- USF EXPANSION NEWS!!! Not much out there due to the Big 10 stating there won't be anything official any time soon, but Scott Carter is throwing USF's name out there anyway. Since everyone else from Texas A&M to Virginia is being sought after as a possible target, why not the Bulls? If somehow this happens, we would always have our annual RichRod win.

- Your USF YouTube of the Week, with a thanks to Tankas.

- Not USF related, but congrats to Sean Keeley over at TNIAAM for authoring his first book. If only there was a USF version...

- Greg Auman has baseball's possible seedings in the BIG EAST Tournament next week, and with Pitt and USF splitting the first two games, it looks like we are heading for the 5th seed.

- Finally, it looks like Brian Bennett hates us. After ranking our QB unit 6th in the Big East, Bennett has our WRs ranked 6th as well, and our RBs dead last. I don't know what Skip did to him, but he should apologize for whatever it was.