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Big 10 and Pac-10 Expansion Begins - LUDICROUS SPEED! GO!!!

Headed past light speed, approaching ridiculous speed... via <a href=""></a>
Headed past light speed, approaching ridiculous speed... via

Here's what we know is absolutely true:

Here's what we suspect is true:

  • Nearly anything Chip Brown says, which today means that Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are going to the Pac-10 in the near future.
  • Again, nearly anything Chip Brown says, which also means that Texas A&M might be put on the clock by the Pac-10, because they have Utah in their back pocket. That means the Aggies need to either s--t or get off the pot regarding their desire to join the SEC. (Kansas is out there too, but it's worth noting that taking Utah would probably get Orrin Hatch to shut up about the BCS.)

Here's what we know is true and we cannot stop laughing at:

  • Conference USA is gearing up to try and get the leftovers from the Big 12. There's no way this happens. The Mountain West is in much better shape to do that, for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that they will probably be an auto-BCS conference in a couple years and C-USA will not. I mean, really. Conference USA. What channel are they on now? Even Baylor might think C-USA is beneath them.*
  • DeLoss Dodds (Texas's athletic director) put out a statement where he claimed the Longhorns have been "honorable, upfront, and forthright" during this whole process. If that was true, you wouldn't need to put out a statement saying so. Instead, you are gearing up to try and win the "who killed the Big 12" argument no matter how long it takes to settle it. I can't wait for them to rub Phil Knight the wrong way in their new conference. Should be fun.

Here's what we suspect is not true:

  • Any rumors involving Texas going to the Big 10. (Already debunked by Chip Brown.)
  • Any rumors involving Texas A&M going to the Big 10. (Also debunked by Chip Brown.)
  • Any rumors involving Virginia Tech going to the SEC. I guess the thinking is that they would deliver the Washington TV market? Ummm, Blacksburg is actually 100 miles closer to Charlotte than it is to Washington.
  • Any rumors or declarations about conferences taking their time and being deliberate about expansion. What, and lose out on some of their preferred choices? I mean, what if the ACC jumps up and grabs Rutgers and Syracuse? Then what does the Big 10 do? They pretty much have to shut it down, right? We think this is a complete free-for-all, like the day after Thanksgiving at Walmart.
Here's what we are almost positive is not true and are quite frankly sick of seeing repeated as if it had any credibility:
  • That ridiculous Examiner article about a 20-team Big East. IT'S NOT HAPPENING. This is the Examiner we're talking about. Basically anyone can sign up and write for them. This is what was on their homepage when I went to look at it just now. My 14-year-old brother could probably write for them, even though his native language is text messaging. Also we're almost positive it's not true because the basketball schools would never let that happen, and because (insert John Marinatto-only-looks-out-for-basketball-schools slander here).
So there, you're caught up. For now, anyway.

* - Yes, this line could bite us in the ass. I don't really care right now.